Everything You Need to Know About Booking a Wax at NakedCherry

Have you ever been confused about the process of booking a wax session? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with all the things to consider before stepping foot in the salon? Look no further! We here at NakedCherry have compiled everything you need to know about booking a wax. So let’s get into it: from pre-wax etiquette and appointment tips, to what happens during your treatment and aftercare – we’ve got it all covered!

Book Ahead

It seems kinda obvious – but book ahead. We usually suggest 3-7 days in advance, depending on the branch and your flexibility (meaning you are not stuck with a certain time, or date in mind)

Arrive on Time

Whether new and need to find your way around to find us; or traffic lights out due to load-shedding – being at your appointment on time is of utmost importance. Your therapist will always greet you with a smile and try her very best to get the treatment done, but the extra stress put under – may not be a very relaxing treatment for you, and may end up leaving some fluffy bits behind. Not to mention not fair to the next customer who is on time.

Don’t Trim

Do nothing – we will weed whack if necessary. Too short is literally a ballache and you may be asked to come back if we can not continue the treatment.

Freshness is Best

On your arrival, you will be asked to freshen up before starting the treatment. Though this option is there; if you have had a hard day in the summer conditions and ‘glow’ more than the average Joe – please do rather book for weekends.

Ask the Question

Still on the fence, need a motivational twist of the arm; drop us a WhatsApp to ask any questions that our FAQ has not covered; with in mind to keep above board – and we will get back to you as soon as we have put the spatula down for a breather…

Think that’s the most important (and most asked after how-tos). Now get back on that calendar and enjoy the smooth feeling (and the confidence) of having taken control of your smooth routine. Your perfect brows, soft legs, and smooth intimate bits will thank you. Remember to rebook early to keep things looking on point. Whether it’s just for special occasions or a regular part of your beauty routine, start getting yourself (beautifully) waxed today.