waxing redefined

Our unique aromatherapy focused waxing range is not only therapeutic but a wax that we don’t want you to love, but to fall in love with. We worked really hard to bring something special that performs like no other wax


comfortably cool - reduced drag - always remains pliable - sensitive and hypoallergenic

cool  comfortable  beautiful  soothing

with aromatherapy

calm, revitalize and invigorate your senses with our essential oil scents


Hot Wax - Lavender and Amber

We’ll admit, we don’t want you to just love our wax, we want you to fall in love with it. We have worked really hard at NakedCherry HQ to create something special.

Our good for everything wax has a nourishing creamy textured wax that stays cool, doesn’t dry completely and always remains pliable, goes on very thin (so you use less) and holds onto hair (like we would onto Ryan Reynolds).

Lavender: Cooling, Anti-Microbial. Soothing

Amber: Anti-Microbial

Exceptional Resins: Comfortably Cool, Remains Pliable to aid comfort, Goes on thin

Aromatherapy Notes: Calming, Relaxing and Soothing


Hot Wax - Bare Necessities

At NakedCherry HQ we are always working hard (much like the elves up north) to create something new and exciting

Our Naked Vegan Hot Wax is just the ticket, an exceptional resin with absolutely no animal products or fragrance, making it Hypoallergenic and Vegan friendly. Its not only incredibly but gentle and nourishing as you would expect from a NakedCherry wax.

Exceptional Resins: Comfortably Cool, Remains Pliable to aid comfort, Goes on thin


Strip Wax - Lavender

We wanted something really special for our Strip Wax so we worked really hard at NakedCherry HQ to improve every step of the strip wax from application, to removal and finally to the after effects.

We think you’ll love the easy (like sunday morning) application, the almost unbelievable grip and finally the sensitivity and gentleness that leaves skin beautifully bare without the angry rashes.

Lavender: Cooling, Anti-Microbial. Soothing

Exceptional Resins: Comfortably Cool, High Viscosity meaning less skin drag and more comfort on application, Sensitive and HypoAllergenic

Aromatherapy Notes: Calming


Beautiful Support Products

Our Gel Cleanser and Prep-oil provide everything that’s needed to complete your wax treatment. Our prep-oil is fused with apricot kernel oil to nourish and protect the skin from the wax.

Our Gel Cleaner is beautiful scented and nourishing all the while killing bacteria and providing a protective layer to the skin.

Apricot: Softening, Nourishing

Lemongrass : Anti-Microbial, Analgesic

Aromatherapy Notes: Calming and Soothing